Victor Tvircun
Victor Tvircun

Ambassador of Rep. Moldova, Academician

Dr. Victor Tvircun is a teacher, historian, writer researcher, and long-time diplomat. The Moldovan ambassador has held numerous positions throughout his prestigious career.
Mr. Tvircun graduated in 1980, from the history faculty of the University of Moldova. In 1992 he has obtained Ph.D. in Moscow. After graduation, he had taught for 13 years at the Pedagogical State University of Ion Creanga in Chisinau.
He became the Deputy Director of the Main Department of Europe and North America, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova. Mr. Tvircun has been appointed Ambassador of Moldova in numerous countries of the Middle East.
Mr. Tvircun has published more than 200 research publications including 12 books. Mr. Tvircun has been decorated with the Order of Labor Glory and the Order of Honor, as well as with confessional distinctions: the Order “St. Vladimir”, Order “Cuv. Serghii Radonejskii”, and the Order “St. Prince Daniil Moskovskii”.
He is a full member of the Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences (Moscow) and an Honorary Citizen of Kars (Republic of Turkey) and Gagauzia.