Michael Peters
michael peters
Michael Peters

Professor, Beijing Normal University

Michael A. Peters is Distinguished Professor of Education at Beijing Normal University, (P.R. China), Emeritus Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (U.S.), and Hon Senior Research Fellow at the University of Auckland (N.Z.), where he held a personal chair. He is the executive editor of the SSCI journal, Educational Philosophy and Theory, co-editor of The Beijing International Review of Education, and founding editor of several international journals including, Policy Futures in Education, E-Learning and Digital Media (SAGE), and Knowledge Cultures (Addleton), The Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy (Springer).

He has written many books and papers in philosophy, education and politics, including most recently: Wittgenstein, Education and the Problem of Rationality (2021); Knowledge Socialism: The Rise of Peer Production: Collegiality, Collaboration, and Collective Intelligence (eds. (2019); The Chinese Dream; Educating the Future (2020); Wittgenstein, Anti-foundationalism Technoscience and Philosophy of Education (Routledge); Wittgenstein and Education: Pedagogical Investigations, (eds. 2017); Education and Technological Unemployment e/em>(eds. 2019); The Global Financial Crisis and the Restructuring of Education (eds. 2015); Education, Philosophy and Politics: Selected Works (2011); Education, Cognitive Capitalism and Digital Labour (eds. 2011); and Neoliberalism and After? Education, Social Policy and the Crisis of Capitalism (2011).

He has acted as an advisor to governments and UNESCO on these and related matters in the USA, Scotland, NZ, South Africa and the EU. He was made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of NZ in 2008, and a Fellow in 2018 (after returning to NZ), and awarded honorary doctorates by State University of New York (SUNY) in 2012 and University of Aalborg (Denmark) in 2015.