Zeynep Sözen
zeynep Sözen
Zeynep Sözen
Professor, Medipol Istanbul University
After being trained as an architect at Istanbul Technical University , Zeynep Sözen received her M. Arch. and Doctoral degrees at the Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Technical University, subsequently joining the Faculty as an academic. Sözen has retired from the Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Technical University in 2001. Since 2015, Sözen is the Head of Department of Architecture and Head of Department of Graduate Programs in Construction and Management and Law at Medipol University School of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture.

Sözen has also been pursuing her research in Romanian history, in particular Dimitrie Cantemir’s life and works and Phanariots. She is the author of 3 books on the subject (Phanariots : 1711-1821, an Account of 110 Years; The Unicorn – a historical novel on Dimitrie Cantemir; Anka and Sultana –a historical novel on Alexandre Mavrocordato) and several articles , some of which are “The Other in Cantemir's History: Contradictions”; “Bogdan Serai- Moldavian Representation at The Sublime Porte” ; “The Unofficial Gift in Cantemir’s History of the Ottoman Empire: Forms And Functions”, “Constantin Ipsilanti’s Contributions To Ottoman Military Reform”; The Russian Black Sea Fleet in Istanbul (1798).

Sözen is currently a co-editor of Cogito and Euromentor Journals.