Michael Palencia-Roth
Michael Palencia-Roth

Distinguished Extramural Professor, Universidad del Valle,

Senior Adviser and Visiting Professor at the Moralogy Foundation, Reitaku University,

Emeritus Professor, University of Illinois

Michael Palencia-Roth has published books and monographs on Gabriel García Márquez, Thomas Mann, James Joyce, the conquest period in Latin America, the Holocaust, Comparative Literature as a discipline, cross-cultural analysis, and comparative civilizational analysis. Approximately 100 other publications on Latin American, English, and German literature and culture; the ideology of conquest; cartography and ethnography; Sir William Jones in India; comparative ethical thought (Japan and the West); the history of human rights; the Hiroshima decision.

Former President of the International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations; the Association of Departments and Programs of Comparative Literature; the Association of Colombianists.